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Web application suite for learners and teachers of the Japanese Language

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More fun and efficiency in learning and teaching Japanese

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Japanese / English

Text readability measurement system

jReadability evaluates the difficulty level of input text in six scales. It is capable of outputting detailed vocabulary information including senses of the words and example sentences.

Leaner text evaluation system

jWriter evaluates the achievement level of learner's composition in five scales. Analysing various aspects of the input text, it gives helpful advice for the learner.

Japanese Educational Vocabulary

JEV web application offers search functionality to the Japanese Educational Vocabulary, which contains information about 1,800 basic words in Japanese. Information on collocations and voice recordings are also available

Function word/phrase Database

Hagoromo is a database of function words and phrases essential for Japanese learners. It provides example sentences collected from several corpora. English translations are also available for many of the entry items. [This service is run on an external server]